Elizabeth Pecoraro

2017-2018 President

“Investing in girls is the best way to eliminate poverty.”

1 – Full name:
Elizabeth Marie Pecoraro

2 – Nickname:
Liz, Betta, Pecky, Bethy, Boss (seriously)

3 – Major:
Management, with a minor in Human Resources

4 – Nationality:

5 – Favorite movie:
Tie between Hidden Figures and Devil wears Prada

6 – Favorite music genre:

7 – Favorite TV character:
Tie between Olivia Pope and Brooke Davis (both kick ass women)

8 – The last book you read:
What happened by Hillary Clinton

9 – What your autobiography would be called:
Fake t’ill you become it

10 – Something you think can’t be taught and can only be learned with age:



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