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You may know him as your past COMM 210 professor teaching you about theories from Chandler, Barney, and Collins & Porras, or from COMM 401. However, you won’t find Guy Barbeau in your classes as a professor- our cherished professor is now the Director of Student Life at JMSB!

JMWL is thrilled to highlight Mr. Barbeau and his great dedication and involvement towards his community for this month’s #PersonalityOfTheMonth! He is an MBA recipient from the Ivey Business School and we had the pleasure of communicating directly with him. He shared the following insight with us:

As Director of Student Life, in your opinion, what are the next steps that JMSB should take in becoming even more progressive towards gender equality?

“For me, gender equality means that peoples’ rights, responsibilities and opportunities are not dependent on their gender.  More so, I feel it is our obligation to address equality from a broader perspective.  We should all strive for a society where the categorization of someone by gender identity, sexual orientation, race, religion or ethnicity is a non-issue.

That said, gender equality is an important aspect of the environment here at school and I feel that we are already quite proactive in promoting gender equality.  Some of the most senior positions at JMSB are occupied by women leaders, including Dean Anne-Marie Croteau, and two of our three Associate Deans, Drs. Sandra Betton and Kathleen Boies.  Within the student body, 49% of our undergraduate students are female.  CASA and its subsidiaries also have a strong contingent of women in leadership positions.  There is, though, always room for improvement.

I think the most important thing that JMSB can do is to continue to strive for fair and equal opportunity for all its stakeholders and in particular, for our students.  As a socially responsible institution, we have an obligation to reflect the community that we serve.  Montreal is a global, diverse and inclusive city and those traits must therefore be reflected at JMSB.  When we truly acknowledge and embrace our diversity, we are all the better for it.”

What are your aspirations for JMSB?

“I believe that if JMSB is to achieve its vision of becoming one of the world’s most relevant, responsible, and respected business schools, gender equality – and more so, equality in all its forms – will be an integral part of that achievement.  I am confident that if we work together, we can and we will one day soon call JMSB a world-class institution that embraces equality for all.”

Thank you Mr. Barbeau for emphasizing JMSB’s great accomplishments to date and stating that the institution will continue to ensure that it fosters an inclusive and equal community. We are privileged to have a leader like you with a vision and values that embrace diversity.

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