John Molson Women in Leadership’s blogposts are intended for everyone and anyone. Our 8 ambassadors take turns covering issues surrounding gender equality in the attempt to educate, spread ideas, spark debate and raise awareness about this societal issue affecting both men and women of our generation.






All For One, Let’s Break This Glass Ceiling!

“Leadership requires people to stick with you through thick and thin and it is the ability to rally people not for a single event, but for years” (Hallek, 28). Whether […]

Best Companies to Work For As a Woman in Canada

In the last 60 years the role of women within the workforce has changed dramatically. Women now have more opportunities within the workplace than ever before. With that said, some […]


Fill-in-the-blank Tweets: Olympic Edition

At the last summer Olympics in 2016, the Canadian Olympic team won 22 medals; female athletes captured 16 of them. The Canadian flag bearers were female, opening flag bearer Rosie […]

dark arcade

A Subtle Shift of Lead in the Gaming Industry

The workplace should always be positive. Since the gaming industry is mostly male dominated, it increases the challenge for women to stand out. In Montreal, video games companies are part […]

notable firsts for women

Notable First for Women

It is no secret that the respect and opportunities for working female professionals has greatly progressed over the past century. This progress wouldn’t be possible without the many women who […]