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September 23, 2021

First off, I think it was great that the team decided to showcase so many women in history with impressive accolades in various industries such as sports, science, and entertainment! I liked that Ashley and Katie consistently tried to keep the audience involved by asking them questions. Something that I think could have been improved on was integrating JMWL’s message into a few of the questions. For example, it was stated at the beginning that JMWL’s message encompasses “the three E’s” (engage, educate, empower). This is an example of something that could have been made into a Kahoot question to spread the committee’s message is a fun and memorable way. I also found that although the committee’s members did seem super kind to attendees, they also seemed a little shy! But overall, this event was a fun, lighthearted gathering with a very welcoming group of people (the JMWL executive team) and provides a good basis for the rest of the school year!


John Molson Women in Leadership

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