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Join us via Zoom on Thursday September 23rd at 5:00pm (EDT) for a fun virtual trivia night centered around women history!

This event is perfect if you want to get to know JWML and what we stand for! Get ready to test your knowledge around women history in different industries whether it’s in sports, cinema, business and so on! Did we also forget to mention that the winner gets a prize?

September 23, 2021

I really enjoyed JMWL’s first event of the year! The virtual trivia night centered on women’s history was both entertaining and educational. Covering a variety of topics ranging from politics to science, attendees certainly walked away with an enlightening fact to share with their family and friends – I know I did! Further, the JMWL team did an amazing job at creating a welcoming atmosphere for its audience. I am definitely looking forward to future events.

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